Inside Lea Michele’s Opening Night on Broadway’s Funny Girl

Lea Michele She is the biggest star of hers funny girl opening night.

The cheerful The alum wowed fans on September 6th when she stepped into the shoes of Fanny Price for the first time after substituting Benny Feldsteinwho left the Broadway show sooner than expected in July.

Lots of big stars popped up to witness Michelle’s debut. An eyewitness says E! news that cheerful Content Builder Ryan Murphy And the Drew Barrymore They were present, and that Leah received four standing ovations during the first act.

The eyewitness added that “the applause and the cheering have not stopped since Leah appeared on stage for the first time.”

diverse Reporter Rebecca Rubin Note that cheerful the actor Jonathan Groff And the Zachary Quinto They were also in the crowd. correspondent Share a video on Twitter From Ryan and Jonathan embracing while the show is off.

Download Robin Screenshot from Lia’s biography In the display’s display statement, where it read that a file Les Miserables The performer is “delighted to be back on Broadway.”

An eyewitness says E! That it was “unusual” to see Michelle work her magic “in such an iconic and perfectly fitting role”.

Another eyewitness says E! The room’s energy news “was crazy,” adding, “The audience was pretty much losing their minds at anything Leah had done.”

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