Inside Miles Teller And Kelly Sperry’s Favorite Tik Tok Love Story

“He wrote down all his facts, and knew the number of nominations [Whiplash] It was and all, “The Teller Show,” and… yeah, it was funny to me.”

While his fame was still burgeoning, he and Sperry were able to enjoy a somewhat special courtship, as not one of the actors had actually gone down in number nor made as many headlines as those actively playing in the field. But in the end, a long-running love story is the kind that has a lot of great anecdotes.

For example when he tweeted in April 2016 that he was dating “The only person who has never seen Titanic. “

“You’re going to ask me to do something, I’ll say, ‘What?’ And you’ll say, “For the last time, father and king, can you hold me, da da da da,” Tyler shared in starting from 9. “I mean, she’s a sweetheart, she just loves quotes JK Simmons to me.”

And when he doesn’t make Sperry Teller relive the horror of Simmons’ role as a ruthlessly demanding music teacher in… injuryShe still helps him run his life as smoothly as possible.

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