Inside Tom Sandoval’s Loud, Proud and Totally Extra Cover Band

“We wanted to be a little bit everywhere and play fan favorites of all kinds and we also wanted to make songs that a band might not necessarily hear,” Tom said. “How many bands play Take on Me and also play Taxi death for cutieWill I own your heart? We all love diversity, right? “

According to ticket sales, the answer is yes. While Tom’s schedule was busy with filming Vanderpump rules And the opening of his new restaurant, Schwartz & Sandys, is making it difficult to commit to a full tour. The group has several dates on the calendar, including a performance at the Music Box in San Diego, California on September 11.

“I think the greatest compliment you get when people see our show is just, ‘Man, that was such a blast. We had so much fun that night. I was drunk I was singing together. All my friends were whining,” Tom said. “That for me is just the ultimate win.”

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