Jason Oppenheim shares whether he would change his stance on having children

Jason Oppenheim Not in the market to change his mind.

The sunset sale The star may be in a new romance with the French model Marie Lou NorckBut his view of starting a family remains the same. When asked by E! News on August 31 if he was going to rethink his stance on having children amid his new relationship, Jason replied “No, no.”

During the fifth season of sunset salefans watched as Jason and Chrisel StoseThe relationship ended due to their differing visions of starting a family.

As for how Mary Lou feels about the topic of having children, she told E! News that it’s not something on her radar right now.

“I’m 25 so I don’t really know,” she said. “I’m not sure about that. Now, we’ll be good for the next five years.”

Jason and Mary Lou informally debuted their romance when they were spotted kissing in Mykonos in July and since then, their relationship has only grown. As Jason said, “I love her. I’m so happy.”

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