Jennette McCurdy reveals why she rejected Nickelodeon’s ‘Hush Money’

Jeanette McCurdy standing on its land.

The former child star has touched on her difficult decision to turn down what she called “silent money” from Nickelodeon after the harassment she says she endured from her male boss.

Explained in the last episode of I am a knightnot qualified Audio notation. “Then right after the decision, I thought, ‘That’s a lot of money, I can get my nephews in college.’ Now I think these kinds of things.”

In the end, the 30-year-old said she was proud that she had “chosen the path of integrity,” adding that she was “crying proudly” of herself.

McCurdy – who starred in Nickelodeon iCarly And the Sam and Kat, Both are created by Dan Schneider– She made the bomb claim in her new diary I’m so glad my mom passed away. The now-retired actress, who described her boss not by name but simply “The Creator,” wrote that the creepy character first introduced her to alcohol when she was just 18, at a private dinner they were having before the movie’s release. Sam and Katwhich is also marked with a star Ariana Grande. At the same dinner, McCurdy alleged that “The Creator” gave her his coat and massaged her without her consent.

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