Jennifer Lopez visits the hospital with Ben Affleck’s mother before the wedding

Looks like there was a slight inflection in Jennifer Lopez And the Ben Affleckwedding celebrations.

On August 19, the couple were seen escorting Ben’s mother, Chris Ann Boldtat a local hospital in Savannah, Ja in the photos he posted daily MailJennifer walked alongside her husband as a medical worker pushed the Oscar-winning mother into a wheelchair.

Pictures taken earlier in the day also showed an ambulance arriving and leaving the venue where JLo and Ben’s wedding will take place this weekend.

A source previously told E! The news that the singer “Mary May” and Tender bar The actor, who tied the knot at an impromptu ceremony in Las Vegas last month, has been working hard to “finish everything” as they prepare to celebrate their latest marriage with friends and family at a lavish party in Georgia.

A second insider noted that the long weekend affair is being planned by the interior designer and event planner Colin QuiWith a lifestyle teacher Jay Shetty presided over the actual ceremony.

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