Jesse Armstrong from Succession to Shadows of King Charles at the Emmys

creator Succession Taj may take the most embarrassing jokes at the Emmy Awards.

Succession‘s Jesse Armstrong make a hit in King Charles III While I was on stage to accept the award for Best Dramatic Series at the 2022 Emmys on September 12th. It was also nominated in this category this year The best of Saul on demandAnd the tranceAnd the OzarkAnd the to cutAnd the squid gameAnd the Weird things And the yellow jackets. (See all the 2022 Emmys winners here.)

At the ceremony, which took place four days after the death of Queen Elizabeth IIArmstrong made a joke about Charles’ succession to the throne.

Noting that it was “big for a succession in the UK” Armstrong said, “Clearly a little more vote in our victory than Prince Charles. I’m not saying we’re any more legitimate than this position – we’ll leave that to other people. We are incredibly grateful. For us to have this wonderful honor.”

star Brian Cox He seemed to be trying to put a stop to it, saying, “Make it royal, make it royal.”

Armstrong continued to yell at the “extraordinary” cast and crew, including Jeremy StrongAnd the Kieran CulkinAnd the Sarah SnookAnd the Nicholas Brown And the Matthew McFadden.

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