Joe Jonas Reveals Major Update For The Jonas Brothers’ Upcoming Album

We are a “sucker” for this Jonas Brothers Newsletter.

In this new Friday music, JoBros fans see the light at the end of the tunnel. The band posted a photo on September 23 in a studio on Instagram, with the caption, “Making the new album.” As if that wasn’t exciting enough, Joe Jonas He threw a mic drop when he commented, “You mean finished the album.” Cue squeals joy!

Fans have gone crazy with the comments on the post, not knowing if they’re going to believe Joe the album is over or the Jonas Brothers account says it’s being worked on.

The new album will be the trio’s first new album since 2019 Happiness begins. This album debuted at number one on painting 200 charts with 414,000 units sold. according to painting.

Most recently, they dropped the single “Who’s in Your Head” in September 2021 and concluded their Las Vegas residency in 2022.

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