Joey Baby Zodiac Necklaces That Celebrate Your Signature Style

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We all know someone who loves to shout their sun sign from the rooftops. Who adds her moon and rise to her Instagram bio. Who may sometimes choose to excuse her behavior with him “It’s okay, I [insert sign here]. “ And you know what? We love it about them. So does the Joey Baby jewelry line. In fact, Joey Baby introduced two unique necklaces that help show off your favorite style (yes, Libras, that could mean you!). Best of all: It’s exclusive to E!.

Now, the Earth sign writing this, as expected, loves the zodiac chain necklace. However, she knows plenty of fire signs who would go for this eye-catching Zodiac Chunky Pearl necklace in a heartbeat. That’s the best part of these accessories: they show off your personality just the way you want them to. After all, there’s nothing wrong with the symbols for each other, as the necklaces feature a unique medal engraved with your mark’s image.

So whether you’re the passionate Pisces that anyone can see coming, or the meticulous Capricorn who keeps her cards close to her chest, Joey Baby accessories say it all. And yes, Taurus: who a path You can have both.

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