Karl Lintz says his family is together after ‘Challenge Road’

There is nothing stronger than family.

Karl Linz on social media to show that his family remains strong and united after allegations of infidelity and abuse against the former pastor of the Hillsong Giant Church.

Karl, 43, wrote on Instagram September 14, along with a series of snaps that included his wife. Laura Lintz and their three children, CharlieAnd the Ava And the roman. “I’m not sure what the future holds for us, but we know we face it as a family and for that I am so grateful.”

He continued, “My sincere thanks to our friends and family who showed us such unconditional love and grace when we needed it most. Forever grateful.. We are optimistic about what lies ahead!”

Laura shared one of the photos on her Instagram page and echoed those sentiments, admitting that it “took a lot of work to make our marriage what it is”.

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