Katie Thurston reveals how she and John Hirsey really broke up

disperse on DL.

Katie Thurston She recently opened up about her split from John Herseyrevealing that the duo had already split up long before fans found out this summer – and added that it wasn’t a mutual decision.

Bachelor Nation star admitted he ‘ditched me’ Caitlin Bristowwhile a file appears outside the vine Audio notation. “Technically, we actually broke up twice. The first time no one knew. I mean, obviously, our best friends did. And maybe over the course of a week or two, we worked it out and decided to get back together, so I thought we were gone” .

She continued, “I think it was inevitable. We just got into a conversation and at one point, I just said to him, ‘I know more reasons why you don’t love me than why you love me.'” “And that feels really great, you know?”

Katie, 31, said one of the “watersheds” in their relationship was John, 28, putting pressure on her to ski after she actually started skydiving for him.

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