Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes reunited at Ben Affleck and J. Law’s wedding

Snoochie boochies, take two!

the actor Jason Muse and the director Kevin SmithKnown as the duo of Jay and Silent Bob from the late ’90s and 2000s comedies, they are reunited with their friend and co-acting partner. Ben Affleck.’s second wedding Jennifer Lopez. The ceremony took place in Georgia on August 20, more than a month after the couple were legally married in Las Vegas.

Mewes and Smith – who said he was the creator of the couple’s nickname “Bennifer” – were joined by their wives, Jordan Monsanto And the Jennifer Schwalbach Smith. Like the rest of the wedding guests, they were all dressed in white. Monsanto even captioned a selfie of her and Jason on her Instagram story, “All White.”

Smith, who wore a slicked-back baseball cap, jacket, T-shirt and shorts, shared a group photo on social media. “For those who say ‘He always wears the same outfit…’ JenSchwalbach, JordanMonsanto, JayMewes and I, it’s all clean,” director chirp. “This is formal as I’ve been dressed since maybe my first encounter when I was 7.”

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