Khloe Kardashian shares wisdom in making ‘mistakes’

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Chloe Kardashian He has some wise words for those who have been up to date with her life.

Good American, 38, recently shared the knowledge she’s learned from all the ups and downs of the business side of her life.

“We’re all going to make mistakes,” Khloe said in an interview. deer Posted August 30th. “If you don’t make mistakes, I think that’s weird. You’re supposed to fail. You’re supposed to crash and burn. You have to try things for yourself.”

The Kardashians The star added, “It’s like when you have a teenage daughter, and you know they’re going to screw up and do crazy things, but you have to let them do it themselves, so they learn. It’s the same thing at work.”

Chloe noted that people shouldn’t be embarrassed to ask others for help if they don’t understand something.

“It’s okay to ask questions no matter how silly you think, because if you don’t know, you’ll never know unless you ask someone more experienced than you to explain them and guide you through,” she continued.

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