Khloe Kardashian Tells All About Baby No. 2 With Tristan Thompson

With Chloe and Tristan’s baby due to be born, it was the first revenge body The host struggled to decide if she wanted the Canadian-born player to be in the delivery room. after sister Kim kardashian Encouraged, “for the sake of the baby” to leave Tristan there, Chloe was still uncertain.

“This is the most bizarre and most disturbing situation,” Chloe vented. “But once he’s here, he’ll be the pond. He’ll be the beam of light. It’s the fun and exciting part. The waiting process? This king is disgusting.”

Khloe’s spirits turned around after a lovely baby shower thrown by my mom Kris Jenner. “I wouldn’t know what to do without my family,” Khloe commented. “I love my mom because she forced me to take that baby bath, because I can’t get this back.”

She was filled with joy after the birth of her son, which she called a ‘beautiful gift’.

“Now that my son is here,” she said, “I can move on.” “I can move on and have fun. It’s almost like closing this chapter and coming to terms with this trauma.”

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