Kim Kardashian beats Hillary Clinton in legal contest

Your Excellency, Kim kardashian Guilty of killing this perfectly legal test.

Founder of SKIMS and Hillary Clinton He went head-to-head on a test on legal issues – and Kim came back with a win.

As seen in the footage I got People On August 23, Hilary and Kim confronted each other while she was Hilary’s daughter Chelsea Clinton They both asked questions referring to the law. During the match, which was filmed as part of the upcoming Apple TV series for Hilary and Chelsea boldKim and Hillary will try to press the single bell first to answer the question. Synopsis: Kim won the match after she hit the bell and answered correctly 11 times.

Reflecting on her mother’s performance, Chelsea said, “I think she also needs to work on her reaction time. Sometimes, I could see my mom knew what the answer was but she wouldn’t ring the bell in time.”

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