Kim Kardashian’s best looks prove she’s a fashion icon

Is there anyone more elegant than Kim kardashian?

The reality TV queen has always kept the red carpet smoking heavy with figure-fitting ensembles that exude both sophistication and big sex appeal. These bold efforts have made the founder of SKIMs a style staple among Hollywood’s most stylish elite. And now, the mother of four, who received the 2021 Fashion Icon People’s Choice Award, is nominated for an E! News’ TV Scoop Awards. Not only was she nominated for Favorite Reality Star, but Kardashians It is for the best fashion. (You can vote here.)

Whether she’s turning heads next season, running errands in the most editorial looks, or creating artistic and powerful moments that will stand the test of time, Kim not only rules the red carpet, she urges us to keep up. to her.

From Skipperelli busts of Vivienne Westwood Vibes, Kim’s diverse archive of the latest haute couture is a fashion designer’s dream. Paired with an energy of bravery that only Kim can convey, we travel back in time and relive the look of the most daring and best fashion icon of all time.

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