Kourtney Kardashian claps again on pregnancy comment

Kourtney Kardashian is keeping it real.

On September 17, a Kardashians The Instagram star posted behind-the-scenes photos from her shoot for her latest ad campaign for her new nutritional supplement Lemme. She wears a nude strapless bra and matching underwear with what looks like her sister Kim kardashianSKIMS’ trademark of SKIMS, and in one of the photos she put a hand on her stomach, which aroused similar feelings in many users.

One wrote, “Wait a minute, did I miss being pregnant?”

Kourtney replied, “No, but you miss a woman’s body.”

Many other fans were quick to praise The Poosh Foundation for her looks, including her sister Chloe Kardashianwho wrote: “Oh my God, you’re amazing.”

One user commented, “Real body! So refreshing.” Others wrote, “Beautiful mother, embrace your curves, it’s true and wonderful.”

This isn’t the first time Kourtney, a mother of three, has applauded speculation about pregnancy. Last November, after Instagram users asked her if she had a “pre-belly” in a bikini photo she posted, the reality star commented, “Are we really going to do this every time I post a picture?”

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