Kristen Quinn is leaving Sunset for sale on Netflix after 5 seasons

sunset sale You lose out on one of its original members – perhaps the biggest source of drama.

Kristen Quinn, who has been a fixture on the show since its first season, will not be returning to Real Estate Real Estate on Netflix, E! can confirm the news.

According to a source, Kristen’s decision to leave the series, which recently began production in seasons six and seven, was mutual. The source indicated that Kristen is not involved with any of the other cast members at this point, so her leaving made sense.

Going forward, the source said Kristen is looking to expand her real estate business with her husband Christian Richard and explore opportunities in the fashion industry.

In June, Kristen sparked a “battle of brokers” between her company and the Oppenheim Group on a future season of sunset sale During her appearance on E! News’ Daily Pop.

“I started my brokerage business a year and a half ago,” Kristen joked. “My husband and I started, so it’s a platform to facilitate home sales with cryptocurrency, and the seller will receive a cash transaction, so it’s like a wire transfer.”

Although it is now official, writing about Kristen’s departure from sunset sale It was on the wall for a while.

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