Kristen Quinn reached out to sell cast member

The first always know the best.

Since the announcement that a sunset sale popup called sell OC It was in the works, fans are eagerly awaiting all kinds of tea, especially if there is a rivalry between the two installments. And of course, whether we’ll ever see any crossover appearances in the Netflix series.

But regardless of Brit And the Jason Oppenheimit is unclear whether any of the files sunset sale Staff members will appear on the popup. but, Kayla Cardona, who co-stars in the new series exclusively with E! sunset star sale news Kristen Quinn I actually showed her the ropes before the series premiere.

“I’ve actually been in contact with Kristen,” Kayla shared. “She was very nice because she was just giving me advice and then she invited me to an event, so I was able to meet her in person.”

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