Kristen Quinn Shares The Secrets Of Being A “Bitch Boss”

for Kristen QuinnConfidence is key, both on and off the road.

The sunset sale The alum took the wheel to share her tips for success in the latest episode of the E! new digital to cut!. But before you hit the road with the host Austin J MillsKristen showed off her “second child”, a yellow and black Lamborghini Urus.

But he was her real baby, a 15-month-old son Christian Georges Dumontetthat she shares with her husband Christian Richard, which influenced her choice of car. “I needed a slightly bigger car,” she said exclusively on the September 5 episode. “I have my child seat in my Lamborghini, so I needed something that was safe and practical, but still upheld my love and my need for speed.”

The Lambo – which has endured some scrapes from her husband’s car crash – isn’t the only luxury car in the reality star lineup, as she also owns a black Rolls-Royce Raff with a red interior.

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