KVD Beauty 24 Hour Sale: Get the TikTok-Famous Foundation for $10

If you’re interested in shopping, check out these great reviews from KVD shoppers.

KVD Good Apple Foundation Reviews

One KVD shopper explained, “I loved that this foundation was full coverage and buildable. It’s amazing that it doesn’t feel heavy and clumpy like other foundations do. My skin still looked like mine and didn’t crack at all. Highly recommend this foundation!”

Another declared, “I’m obsessed! This foundation is incredibly lightweight and blends into my skin effortlessly. I’ve never been a huge fan of foundations because they’re always lumpy, can’t find the right color, etc—but this product is a dream!”

Someone gushed, “This is my holy grail, I go to a foundation every day. I love it. I found my perfect color and have been loving it ever since. I have 1 in use and 2 in backup! I made sure not to be without hell lol, I even have 2 new concealers too! Good apple of course!! It sits beauty on my skin and I never really feel it wearing it nicely for 9 hours of hard work.”

One fan of the product said, “I left my old foundation in the dust. I’ve been using another company’s foundation for years and haven’t been looking forward to a change. However, I did receive a sample of this foundation with another purchase of course I tried. It went silky smooth, and didn’t feel like Heavy, and incredible with blemishes and age spots covered. I went from model card to ordering one of my own and won’t be back.”

One customer said, “I’ve really liked how well this foundation blends with my skin and how creamy it feels. The packaging has always been so good.”

One wrote “Oily skin works great. Love this. Please never stop making it. It’s the main foundation. Easy to use with brushing. I have oily skin and it still works well even though it’s a hydrating formula.”

If you’re looking for a more subtle makeup look, this product from Urban Decay is more like a lip gloss and goes on even your lip color.

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