Lance Bass and Danielle Fishel turned romance into a movie

In 2006, Lance appeared as a gay and married couple Michael Tuchin In 2014. It is precisely this journey that Lance is eager to show.

“The reason we wanted to turn the prom story into a movie, I think a lot of people can relate to that story,” Lance said as a guest on the podcast episode. “A lot of people in the LGBT community, prom night was the night they were, ‘Wait a minute. This cannot happen anymore. “That was the motivator for me that made me start accepting myself, which took a long time after that, but that was definitely the first little straw that broke.”

When it comes to her fateful prom, well, we’ll let Danielle tell the story.

“Lance and I booked a hotel room with a vision of what that night would be like, and Lance was very nervous about what my vision of that night would be,” Danielle said.

Things, as you’ve probably guessed by now, didn’t go according to Daniel’s plan.

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