Lea Michele is the “Greatest Star” of New Funny Girl Pictures

Say “Hello, beautiful.”

Our first look at Lea Michele K . Championship Fanny Price on Broadway funny girl Revival – and, of course, these rose photos are absolute perfection.

In one of the photos, it was first shared by Entertainment Weekly, Michelle wears the avatar’s coat and hat along with a brown wig. In the second—a preview of Jerry Michelle’s new artistic direction—she panted heavily, holding a large yellow flower atop her head. The rose replaces the huge yellow bow that served as the center of the previous star Benny Feldsteina poster.

“I was talking with Harvey Fiersteinwhich I adore, about my first Tuesday show.” EW. “He asked me how I would feel about this big night ahead. I told him I was feeling, ‘over the moon and very nervous at the exact same time.’ ‘ He said to me, ‘This is called being alive, and living in that feeling.’ It was the perfect advice. Fierstein, best known for his work on Broadway on shows such as hairspray And the The Torch Song Trilogyis the author of the book on production.

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