Lea Michele laughs at rumor that she can’t read on TikTok

When funny girl He gets a TikTok account, fun ensues.

While she was in her final days of COVID-19 quarantine amid a 10-day absence from the Broadway musical she recently joined, Lea Michele She first appeared on the social network and posted two videos, one of which mocks a long-standing rumor about herself: she supposedly cannot read or write.

The actress, who denied the rumor weeks ago, described her as “sad” in the… The New York Times In an interview, she wrote on TikTok, shared on September 18, “Calling Jonathan to read me comments on my first TikTok,” referring to her best friend and ex-boyfriend. spring awakening And the cheerful Share in the star Jonathan Groff. I commented on the clip, “lol”.

Michelle’s video parodies a scene from a 2017 episode of the former E! reality series! keeping up with the Kardashianswho originally appeared Kim kardashian In a tearful phone call to Girls gone wild Founder and family friend, Joe Francis, while staying in his villa in Mexico. With a sad look, Michele lip synced the SKIMS founder’s line, “It’s amazing but wait, can you talk for a moment?”

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