Lea Michele plays Fanny Price in Funny Girl

Hello funny girl.

in front of her funny girl debuted on September 6, Lea Michele Shows support for her predecessor Benny Feldstein. In fact, the actress revealed it She had a chance to watch Beanie play Fanny Brice, before leaving earlier this summer.

She said, “I saw the show.” People. “I wrote it down and told her what an incredible job I thought she did.” I thought it was fun, beautiful and very cool. “

The cheerful The alum silenced the rumors of bad blood among the leading ladies. “I think everyone thinks everything is full of drama,” she said. “I also think people really like the thrill of pitting women against each other, which I think is really sad and unfortunate.”

Penny, who led the revival of the Broadway musical that opened in April 2022, announced July 10 that she would be leaving production at the end of the month. In a social media post, Box Mart The actress shared her gratitude for her time on stage and explained why she pulled out before her original departure date of September 25.

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