Little Mermaid: Watch Halle Bailey sing ‘Part of Your World’

Look at these things. Isn’t that elegant?

After a long wait, Disney finally dropped the first-ever look at the highly anticipated live-action version the little Mermaid. The 83-second video, which debuted during the D23 Show on September 9, showed a leading star Halle Bailey Like Ariel—complete with the iconic character’s purple scalloped bra, green mermaid tail, and signature red hair—packing a few lines from one of the film’s most beloved tunes, “Part of Your World.”

“Away from the sea, I wish I could be,” Haley sings, as the camera pans to show her seated inside a cave full of gadgets and gadgets, “a part of this world.”

Elsewhere in the teaser, viewers were treated to scenes of Ariel’s undersea friends, including a sneak peek of her fishy friend Flounder, which they’ll miss. room the actor Jacob Tremblay.

Directed by Rob MarshallAnd the the little Mermaid also the stars Melissa McCarthy like Ursula Javier Bardem Like King Triton, David Diggs like Sebastian, Awkwafina Like Scuttle and Jonah Hauer King Like Prince Eric. The film arrives in theaters on May 26, 2023.

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