Madeleine Brewer of The Handmaid’s Tale explains Janine’s choices

When it comes to Janine, Madeleine Brewer He knows there is more than meets the eye.

In the fifth season of Hulu The Handmaid’s Talewho dropped the first two episodes on September 14, Janine refuses to get rid of being a maid-servant under the control of the aunts, despite Esther’s urgings (Makena Grace).

While Janine’s inaction may be confusing to some viewers, Madeline fully understands her motives.

Madeleine told E! News’ Francesca Amnecker. “I think it’s so easy to think she does. But there’s nothing Janine does without reason. I think she’s a survivor and she always has been.”

In order to survive, Janine decides to try to get on the good side of the aunts.

Madeleine argued, “I think she sees herself as, ‘If I’m useful to them, they probably won’t send me.’” Her most concern now, when we see her at the top of this season, is, ‘Will she be deployed or not? Will they send me back to duty or not?’ ?” Because if they brought me back to service, I would bow out of life. You don’t need to be here anymore.”

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