Mariah Carey shares insight into her relationship with Meghan Markle

Mariah Carey She shares an inside look about her friendship with him Meghan Markle-and us obsessed with her.

Both the “Fantasia” singer and the Duchess of Sussex are biracial women, a similarity that Carey says she has in mind.

She said during an interview on September 15 with diverse. “It’s always something, whether I’m talking about it or someone else is doing it. I suppose that’s why it was so interesting for her and me to talk about her podcast.”

The Grammy winner shared that, growing up, she didn’t always feel like belonging. “I didn’t fit in. You know, it would be more of a city’s black area or then it could be where my mom chose to live, and what’s more, the white neighborhoods. And I didn’t fit in,” she began. “As a mixed woman, because I always thought it was okay to say I’m mixed. As I should say it. But people want you to choose.”

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