Matt Smith didn’t need stripes to stand out in the House of the Dragon

(Warning: Below are spoilers from Dragon House.)

We bend the knee Matt Smith.

The actor, who plays the arrogant Demon Prince, just gave a great performance on the September 4th episode of Dragon House– And he had barely any lines.

For those of you who haven’t kept up with drama Dragon Housesince then the Prince of Demon Smith has been excommunicated by his brother King Viserys (Buddy Considine). And in an attempt to prove himself, he wages war against the Crabfeeder (Daniel Scott Smith) in Stepstone, a disputed plot of land.

And while Daemon possesses a ferocious dragon as part of his cavalry, the Crabfeeder army has proven to be a formidable opponent. So, when Viserys, who has mostly stayed away from the Stepstones drama, learns that his brother is losing the unauthorized war, he agrees to send troops and supplies to Daemon and his army.

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