Meet Hocus Pocus Alum by joining Swagger Season 2

Vanessa Show He trades in broomsticks for basketball.

Actress who played Alison Watts in the beloved 1993 movie hocus pocusin the second season of Apple TV+ swaggerto me diverse.

swagger Inspired by the childhood of a 12-time NBA All-Star Kevin Durant And the world of youth basketball clubs.

The 46-year-old actress will play Diane, according to the outlet, “the chairperson of the Cedar Cove Middle School board and also the mother of one of the school’s basketball players who invested so much in her son’s performance on the court.”

swagger stars O’Shea Jackson Jr.. , Isaiah HillAnd the Shinil AzuruAnd the Quvenzhan√© WallisAnd the Clil Harris And the Tristan McWildswho will join Shaw in season two.

After her wonderful role in hocus pocus For nearly 30 years, Shu has appeared in films such as closed eyesside by side Tom Cruise And the Nicole KidmanAnd the 40 days and 40 nights with Josh Hartnett.

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