Monarch’s Joshua Sassi teases Shania Twain as a guest

Everything is perfectly made for the out-of-body Sasse experience.

“My character calls her Shania and she’s completely there,” he said. “I don’t know if you’ll see her on camera, but I was pissing myself off because it’s Shania Twain! And I call her Shania! I was just laughing. That’s the cool thing about this job. You have to be in the most extraordinary of circumstances.”

Of course, acting alongside Academy Award winner Sarandon presented an entirely different challenge – trying not to swallow her aura.

“She’s very brave,” Sassi said of his co-star. “I was visibly conscious of saturating every detail of this performance because it’s so subtle. At once, it was effortless. At the time, it was giving a massive amount of information with minimal inflections and movements. A master class.”

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