More Evidence Best Friends Hoda Kotb, Jenna Bush Hager Day Rule

morning with Hoda Kotb And the Jenna Bush Hager I became brighter.

Monday 12th September today Show the new opening of the fourth hour of the show. As the intro captured the attention of viewers, those working on Good Morning America said it was a new hour-long show that many loved.

“It’s light, it’s modern and you see their friendship really shine through,” Today with Hoda and Jenna Executive Producer Talia Parkinson Jones Exclusively told E! News. “That’s basically what the show is about. When you see the opening, you feel inspired. You see the ladies having fun and it feels like a true reflection of the clock.”

Every morning , today The team brings big stars and sweet surprises to viewers across the country. But maybe what really keeps fans coming back is the magic between Hoda and Jenna.

“They are original and what you see on TV is who they really are,” Talia said. “Hoda is really an inspiration to be around. Jenna is really the girl who just wants to tell you the truth. She’s someone who knows that when you’re around, you’ll have a lot of fun with her. I think the two are a mix of best friends we all wish we had.”

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