Muni Dan tea + tea teases the possible name of baby number 3

Mooney tea He may need to sample tequila with his growing family.

Earlier this summer, it was Dan + tea member and wife Hana Love Money They announced that they are expecting their third child in early 2023. Now, the country singer shares his thoughts on being outnumbered in his home full of sons point outand 5 and amis2.

Dan said exclusively to E! News at the ACM 2022 Honoring Ceremony. “My wife is going to have three or four children to take care of now, including me.”

So, if you are listening Dan SummersYour music partner may need some help from you and your spouse My Father sooner rather than later. “Uncle Dan and Aunt Abby should come and help me,” Shay joked. “I don’t know what I’d do with three. Two is enough, three would be a lot, but we’re excited.”

While the name Shay and his wife hasn’t been chosen for their third son yet, the country music singer joked that he’s thinking of “Dan Smyers” as his first name.

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