Nate and Logan explain themselves on The Bachelorette Men Tell It All

When Logan was asked if he regretted how it all happened, he said, “I wish I had done it in a more graceful way that didn’t affect a lot of people, but I don’t regret going after Gabe.”

Then, it’s time Nate Gabi came face to face for the first time since their romantic breakup in Amsterdam. Nate, the all-season front-runner, was sent home by Gabe because she didn’t think she was ready to be the stepmother to Nate’s six-year-old daughter.

“Every moment and emotion I had with Gabe was real,” Nate said of their relationship. “We both felt it, we experienced it. In past relationships, I can’t always say we have a commitment, ‘We’ll be boyfriend and girlfriend.'” “With this, I committed Gabe as her boyfriend. I got into it with this lens.”

However, there was a lot more to Nate to tackle than his relationship with Gabe. In recent weeks, allegations have surfaced that Nate kept his daughter a secret from a woman he had been dating for a year and a half.

“I had a very hard time going through the divorce and the foundation that was built around my daughter had pretty much fallen apart,” Nate said of the accusations. “The only thing I protect most on this earth is my daughter. I will never put her in a situation that I feel is dangerous, one that I feel is unstable. He made me put up a wall to protect my daughter from the instability of my dating life.”

Additionally, Nate addressed separate claims that he was dating two women at once — and he possessed them.

“I am so sorry for the way I acted,” Nate said. “I should have been more communicative. I should have been more clear about my intentions. I pray you’ll forgive the man I was because I’m not that same person.”

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