Nicola Coughlan sizzles in Bridgerton talk Look at LFW

“Looks great,” revealed Nicola, who is currently filming the third season of the series.

Specifically, she noted how fashion reflects the character’s evolution, teasing the upcoming Penelope Featherington dresses, “I know it sounds silly, but it’s amazing to see the character’s evolution, becoming a woman and the clothing styles.”

Furthermore, the 35-year-old previously explained how each outfit requires special attention.

“We’re really starting because it’s taking so long,” she told E! May News. “They make every costume from scratch, including all the supporting artists.”

And while the cast wears historical, pricey pieces, Nicola noted there is an unfortunate downside.

“And so… Bridgertan* is back,” she shared on Instagram Stories in July. Sunburn gets it while wearing a Regency dress.

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