Nicole Byer says she was once asked to “be black” in an audition

Casting director asked for this one Nicole Byer And other Hollywood actors have become very familiar.

Live from E!‘s Laverne Cox Chat with some of this year’s biggest Emmy nominees on September 5th! Special If we are honest. Nominated for the third time this year for her role as a host on Netflix nailed it!Bayer recalled one of her most upsetting test experiences.

“A director allegedly asked you to ‘talk more about lions’ at some point?” Cox asked Baer, ​​who made history as the first black woman nominee for the featured host of a reality show or competition in 2020. Bayer responded, “Allegedly? It’s happened a lot.”

And while Bayer can crack a joke in any situation, it becomes true when you look at the experience again. “They usually say they’re more rude, more street, more urban,” she continued. But I read it, and she said, ‘Can you be a little blacker? I was just playing Fairy. And she was like, ‘Be as black as you can.’ If you go too black, I’ll send you back.”

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