Noah Cyrus is joined by Billy Ray Cyrus in a song about the battle of addiction

She noted that she “finally had a moment of clarity” after the death of her grandmother, my mother –Tish Cyrus‘ Mother, Loretta Finlay– In 2020. “When I passed away, I wanted to be there for my mother, but I went emotionally and physically. I felt a tremendous amount of guilt and the whole situation made me re-evaluate a lot of my decisions in the past years.”

Noah added, “About the same time, I got out of my toxic relationship.”

I thought about that relationship in May’s single “Mr. Percocet” which she revealed Twitter She was inspired by her “really turbulent and awkward” romance with a partner who “also struggled with substance abuse.”

The “July” singer said that after her split, “my choices are – life or death”.

She added, “I wanted to find purpose and hope. So I chose life. I called everyone I needed and asked for help. I did the work to get rid of the pills. December 15, 2022 will be my second anniversary.”

The singer, who is planning to start a tour starting October 4, concluded her statement with a hopeful note, saying, “I’m feeling happy and joyful for the first time since I was a little kid.”

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