Oliver Hudson’s parents are big fans of the cleaning lady

But in the second season, Hudson’s character faces a different kind of conflict. This time, we delve into Garrett’s dramatic story: he previously had an affair with his detective (played by Chelsea Free), who is now involved with a drug dealer. Now, Garrett must rescue her from a self-blame situation.

And while Garrett is only focused on the mission, there might be a chance for both of them to rekindle their romance along the way.

“As the chemistry with Chelsea and I progressed, I just felt like there was still something going on,” Hudson revealed. “Our last scene we had together – the last thing filmed together – there was a kiss. It was kind of supposed to be – not friendly, but it was like, ‘I still care about you somehow.'” And that was pretty fiery. I was like, ‘Oh, well, there’s still something in there.’

Watch the relationship blossom for yourself when Season 2 of Cleaning lady Premieres September 19 on Fox.

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