Olivia Wilde is the #1 fan of her boyfriend Harry Styles at his New York City party

Olivia Wilde I had a golden night with my boyfriend Harry StilesLatest prom.

On September 21, a do not worry my love was the director observer In the historical singer 15The tenth Back-to-back performance at Madison Square Garden in New York.

Olivia – who was wearing an all-white dress with a white feathered snake around her neck – danced and sang to “Music for Sushi”.

The venue celebrated Harry’s big night – which was the last night of his stay at MSG – as he was honored by bringing in the host Gail King To unveil a huge banner was hanging in the rafters. The sign reads, “Harry Styles 15 straight nights in the park.” The Garden also made sure each guest in the audience had a feathered boa in their seat, which became a fashion staple for the “As It Was” singer at the shows.

Olivia’s fun night comes two days after she and Harry went out together for a New York City after-party. do not worry my love On September 19.

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