Paris Hilton Supports Britney Spears’ New Song With Elton John

Paris Hilton He carries Britney Spears close to her heart.

After a six-year musical hiatus, Britney returned to the music scene on August 26 when her new collaborative single with Elton JohnOfficially, “Hold Me Closer”. As fans around the world celebrated the release of the long-awaited song, one of the 40-year-old’s longtime supporters expressed her excitement with a stellar dance video: Paris Hilton.

In a clip shared on Instagram, the DJ was wearing a pink tracksuit as she danced over a matching bright pink car. She captioned the video, “It’s Britney the bitch…and the Queen is officially back!”

She added, “On repeat until further notice,” she added, “So proud of you, your sister.”

She concluded her caption with a few hashtags, which included some of her signature slogans, “#Sliving #ThatsHot.”

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