Phantom of the Opera is said to be ending its Broadway show

Paper faces won’t be in procession anymore.

This is correct, phantom of the opera He is said to be ending his career in making history on Broadway. according to New York PostAnd the Andrew Lloyd WebberThe musical, which has been on Broadway for 34 years, could end as early as December 31.

The report notes that since then ghostThe iconic “Masquerade” number is shown on New Year’s Eve, and it would be the perfect way to end a music production. But, before you call out to your music angel, the Mail Reports also indicate that a wrap-up is also being considered next year, so that the musical could reach its 35th year and have a subsequent concert.

The The New York Times I mentioned a similar plan, indicating that ghost She will celebrate her 35th birthday on Broadway in January, but will drop the chandelier for the last time on February 18.

e! The news reached Webber and ghost Production for suspension, but was not heard back.

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