Play the music because Lizzo has reached the 2022 MTV VMAs

Lizo She just had a DNA test, and it turned out she’s 100% well dressed.

The “Tempo” singer arrived at the red carpet for the 2022 MTV Video Music Awards on August 28 in a gorgeous blue ensemble. Lizzo’s sexy look was completed with a navy blue Jean Paul Gaultier dress, gold jewelry and a matching blue lip.

Lizzo won’t just be stepping onto the red carpet tonight. The 34-year-old will take the stage to perform her song “2 Be Loved” – and possibly win some awards. This year, Lizzo was nominated for four categories: Song of the Year, Video for Good and Best Pop, all for her song “About Damn Time”, as well as Artist of the Year.

Lizzo’s anticipated performance came after her 2019 show at the MTV VMAs – where she rocked the house by singing “Good as Hell” and taking a shot of tequila on stage while doing so.

At the time, Lizzo gave a powerful speech in the middle of her standout performance.

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