Pocahontas star Irene Bedard arrested for disorderly conduct

As they interacted, the officer said Bedard’s “feelings changed quickly,” explaining that she would “talk to us softly” at one point, and then “quickly get upset and cry” at another.

e! The news reached Bedard on social media for comment but she hasn’t heard back. She does not appear to have a registered representative or attorney who can speak for her.

The police stated in the report that when the other woman gave the officers the name of someone they could contact on behalf of Bedard, the understand The young man “screamed that she didn’t want this person to call and ran away from us screaming.” They claimed she nearly knocked over a table on the sidewalk, but stopped at a street corner and turned back toward the officers.

“Then she got angry with us over an earlier incident in which she said the police had not helped her,” the report said. She retreated to a large glass window as she continued on
shout at us.”

Fearing Bedard would break the glass, authorities said an officer took her left arm and escorted her away from the window.

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