Prince William reassures fans of their concerns about Queen Elizabeth’s corgis

Queen Elizabeth IILovely Corgi will be fine, according to Prince William.

On 17 September, the Prince of Wales made a surprise visit to greet fans waiting in line to see his grandmother’s coffin lying in Westminster Hall at the Palace of Westminster in London. One of the mourners, a woman, inquired about Queen Pembroke Welsh Corgi, muek And the Sandywho were appointed to live with the one who gave them to her, her son Prince Andrewand his ex-wife Sarah, Duchess of York.

“I saw them that day, and it saddened me very much,” William told fans in line, regarding the corgis, as seen in a Sky News video. “They will be well taken care of.”

He continued, holding the woman’s hand, “They are two very friendly Corgis, so they have a good home. They will both be well taken care of, and I’m sure they are spoiled.”

“I hope so,” the fan replied with a smile.

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