Rachel Bilson addresses the romantic Chas Crawford

Rachel Bilson He sets the record straight on rumors of her past relationship with Chase Crawford.

On the August 29 episode of her wide ideas podcast gossip girl The actor he remembers while coming out in the 2000s, and OC The star explained how seeing the two together turned into rumors they were dating.

“Someone saw us talking and the press went, ‘Oh, did Rachel and Chase do?'” Bilson told Crawford. “My publicist came to me and because at that time I was on a break from my serious relationship, I told her she had to kill the story.”

However, the hart dixie The publicist of the star released a statement that left her feeling a little bad for her old friend. “They printed it out,” Bilson said, “but he had a quote from my publicist that this was completely fabricated and I’m like, ‘Wait, that’s so mean. I would never want to do this for Chace! “

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