Rachel Bilson has a cute reaction to OC Reunion

my fans OC. Right back to where we started.

Misha BartonAnd the Tate Donovan And the Melinda Clark Serve up a delicious dose of nostalgia when the on-screen family gathered at a recent event in Charleston, South Carolina.

On August 22, Clark, who played sneaky and sassy Julie Cooper on the teen drama, shared a smiling selfie with her daughter and husband on screen.

“This Happened! The Cooper Family Reunion!” The actress wrote on Instagram. “The warmth of my heart to see these two.”

Misha responded by commenting, “Oh family photo, so good to catch up with you,” while Tate echoed the sentiment, writing, “Nice to see you all.”

Rachel Bilson She also enthusiastically praised the epic moment among her former classmates, commenting, “And this is a fortune scoop!!!! I love all three of these faces.”

The actress is best known for her role as Summer Roberts – Barton’s best friend Marisa Cooper – on OC From 2003 to 2007.

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