RHOA: Looking back at season one with Peach by Marlowe Hampton

Marlowe HamptonFirst season as a full-time cast member at The Real Housewives of Atlanta It’s coming to an end.

Although the Bravo series’ costume designer has appeared in some capacity for eight of the last 10 seasons, RHOAThe latest iteration gave fans a chance to get to know Marlowe outside of her friendships with The Housewives. Viewers watched Marlowe open up about her parenting journey after welcoming her two nieces — including the hardships that came with the decision — as well as the work she does with her charitable foundation, Glam It Up.

Marlowe was equally grateful for the promotion, telling E! The news in April, “Getting peaches meant a lot to me for the fans. At one point it was frustrating just seeing it all – ‘Why don’t you have peaches?'” Give her a peach! “So much so that I wanted to stop.”

“But I felt so good when I found out I had peaches,” she continued. I’m like, ‘Yeah! My supporters and fans will be very happy. “It was just a great feeling and I feel like it’s all happening at the right time and now it’s time.”

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