Robin Brown’s sister-in-law described Cody as ‘angry’ during the divorce

Divorce affects the whole family.

On the September 18 episode of TLC’s Sister wivesthe dramatic ending of Cody Brown And the Kristen BrownThe 25-year relationship affected the pair’s extended family tree in major ways.

“I love Cody dearly, but that’s not what I chose,” Cody’s wife Robin Brown explained. “His other relationships put pressure on him so much that it’s not really much fun to be around anyway. He’s an angry guy now. What’s going on with him and Kristen, I’ve never seen him like this before.”

Cody and Kristen announced the end of their polygamous marriage in November 2021, although Cody still maintains that both Robin and Kristen are married. Jenelle Brown. Cody also separated from his first wife, Mary Brownin 2014.

With the breakdown of Cody and Kristen’s relationship, it became clear that Cody’s relationship with Robin was a catalyst.

“It’s hard to see such a contrast with Cody with his condition in Robin’s house versus how he is in my house,” Kristen said during the episode. “He just broke up at my house. My kids and I go out all the time. Cody came with us for a walk once and brought Robin’s kids because he was looking after them.”

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