See James Corden’s eulogy for Queen Elizabeth II “a guiding light”

James Corden Remember the late Queen Elizabeth IIlegacy.

Hours after Her Majesty’s death, the host paid tribute to the Queen on the September 8 episode Late Late Show.

“I, like the rest of the world, am very sad tonight,” he said. “But also, very grateful and grateful to the Queen for the most wonderful service and leadership she has shown in our entire lives.”

Reflecting on the Queen’s 70 years on the throne – the longest reigning of any British monarch – Corden notes that she notes there are 14 US Presidents and 15 Prime Ministers in the UK, with the Prime Minister les truss It is appointed just two days before Her Majesty’s death.

He said of the Queen: “We have seen her as immortal, and she is an essential part of the fabric of our world.” “There is of course an avalanche of sadness and love all over the world. She was universally loved. She represented the good in this world, living a dignified life, a life dedicated to serving, dedicated to improving the lives of others. But she always felt like she was there for all of us.”

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