See The Wild Way Will Smith is back on Instagram after the Oscar slap

will Smith It’s officially back to “gram.”

After making a fuss about his return to social media, the actor shared a video of him and his son Trey Smith29 years old, facing a spider.

In the clip, which was posted on Instagram in the last hours of August 20, the father and son duo noticed that the huge tarantula was a few meters away from them. “What the hell,” Will said while filming the video. “This is the big ass spider.”

Another person in the clip, you’re supposed to see, adds, “That’s a tarantula.”

Then Will, 53, laughs, showing his feet, and comments that he’s standing on a chair to get off the ground the spider is walking on. He captioned the video, “Posting this from a Holiday Inn.”

Jamie Foxx Comment on the post with 3 emojis laughing/crying while acting Entertaining shrewdness He wrote, “Yao I so safely absorbed that good thing I saw brother, you were going to be Peter Parker in the morning”

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